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Three Delicacies Dumpling

mixed with shrimp, pork & chives
$15 for 20 dumpling

Baked Jumbo Shrimps in Salt.


Fried Whole Red Snapper with Chief Special Sweet & Sour Sauce

mixed with shredded carrots, shredded wood ears and scallion & gingers

Seafood Combination with Kung Pao Sauce

saut�ed shrimps, sliced fishes, scallop, calamari , onion and green & red pepper with kung pao sauce

Beef or Lamb Tenderloin with Sour Pickle Vegetables

beef or lamb tenderloin mixed with needle mushroom, bean sprouts, wild pickle pepper & homemade pickle vegetables
$20 (with beef )/$25 (with lamb)

Braised Pea Shoots or Spinaches and varies seafood in Chicken Broth.


Sichuan Style Mixed Grain Sticky Rice Stew

with Preserved Pork, Shrimp, Black Mushroom, and Chinese Sausage

Stewed Assorted Seafood & Meat with Mixed Vegetables in Casserole

pork belly, shrimps, scallop, oysters, cuttlefish and mixed vegetables