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红油鳕鱼仔 Codfish in Sichuan Chili Oil & Spicy Garlic Sauce

巧拌杏鲍菇 Shredded King Oyster Mushrooms with Homemade Sesame Oil

藤椒鸡丝 Shredded chicken mixed with Spicy Wild pepper corn sauce

芒果鸡卷 Sauteed chicken with Mango in chef special sweet & sour Sauce

桂花排骨 Sautéed Pork Spareribs in Brown Sauce (top with Mayflower)

川西羊肉 Western Style Lamb (snow peas, sliced Lamb & cilantro)

沙爹牛肉 Satay Beef With Chengdu Style Pickle Cucumber

酒酿小丸子 Sweet Fermented Rice Balls

花生巧克力冰淇淋 Dream Bomba

松露巧克力冰淇淋 Chocolate Truffle